Marbella Buggy Tours FAQ

Is there an age restriction?

To drive a Buggy in Marbella  on Marbella Buggy Tours you will need a valid drivers license, but anyone of any age can be “Co-Pilot” as long as they don’t drive and are accompanied by an adult.

Do I need a drivers license?

Yes, you will need a valid drivers license to drive a Buggy in Marbella as we will be driving parts on the actual main roads.

How do we pay you?

You will be asked for a 30% deposit to secure the Marbella Buggy Tours booking. Once this deposit has been received, we will block the amount of buggys you booked.

The remainder can be paid on the day of the tour, or you can pay this beforehand by transfer, this is up to you.

We will need the deposit to be transferred by bank wire or using PayPal

Do you pay for lunch?

No, all food you want to consume during the Marbella Buggy Tours will be your own cost, We do however provide refreshments for during the trip.

Do you provide a bandana?

You can bring your own bandana, or you can purchase one of our bandanas. Bandanas cost just 2.50 and are mandatory so you don’t get dust and dirt into your mouth.

We will provide you with dust goggles which can be bought if you wish to keep them for 4,50€

Please see below an image of available colours


Can I just show up without a reservation?

No, you need to reserve to ensure a buggy is set aside for you. You will also need to supply us with your personal details for insurance which is something we would like to get out of the way before the tour starts, so a reservation is mandatory.

You can however just come to our compound to make a booking in advance and pay the deposit in cash. Just keep in mind, especially in the high season, we get booked up far in advance so we always recommend to make an online booking well in advance.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, Marbella Buggys is fully insured for accidents. We have luckily never had to use the insurance as our tour leaders are very professional and make sure you are safe at all times.

Can we take the buggys without a tour leader?

Every trip made with our buggys has to be accompanied by a tour leader. This is important not just for your safety, also the safety of others, plus we wouldn’t want you to get lost!

Can your buggys drive on the road?

Yes, we are fully licensed to travel off road as well as on road. During every tour you will find there is a part on road and a part off-road.

What do I need to bring on the day of the tour?

You will need to bring a valid driving license on the day of the tour. Our buggys can only be driven by those that own a driving license and have brought it with them. The passenger can be without driving license and there’s no age restrictions.

If you are a group with 2 adults & 3 children, one of the children can drive with the tour leader for 50% of the buggy price.

What clothing should I wear?

You are not allowed to drive buggys in high heels or flip flops. You should have a bandana which we sell on-site and Goggles are provided included in the price of a buggy tour.

We recommend to wear protective clothing for safety, but you are welcome to wear shorts or skirts.

How much does a buggy cost?

Our buggy tour prices are displayed on our website here. All prices displayed are per buggy, so for 2 people.

A buggy fits maximum 2 people.

We are 2 adults and 3 children, how will we be able to bring our 3rd child?

If you have extra children unaccompanied by adults we will be able to add 1 child to the tour leaders buggy for 50% of the buggy price.

If you have more children or people without a valid drivers license we can arrange more tour leaders to join the trip to accompany the children. Please enquire direct about pricing.

Marbella Buggy Tours FAQ