5 star ratingVraiment top ! Le jeune homme était adorable! Très pro malgré son jeune âge, attentif et a très bien surveillé le groupe durant les 2heures de balades! Et la balade était très bien, du tout terrain et un peu de route

morganeabl Avatar

5 star ratingGreat thing to do when visiting Marbella Brilliant experience! We visited Marbella Buggies after a recommendation and it did not disappoint. You get a couple of stops on the 2hr tour to see some amazing views up in the hills. Our guide was very friendly and attentive. Would recommend 100%

DayTrip11465704574 Avatar

Very surprised, the 2-hour tour, my whole family, was a great experience for everyone. The staff was great also. I have never used it before, so for me, it was a really good activity. Overall great of Marbella Buggys, Thanks

Brenda Hill Avatar
Brenda Hill

It was super Buggys. They are very fast. Beautiful views in the Hills. Lee, Miro, and Ian are very nice staff who lead the team. Thanks to, all team members.

Maria Maria Avatar
Maria Maria

Great experience and great fun! Today's the weather had been very wet, this made things even more fun. Experienced driver. Next time I come back again. Highly recommend

Florence Mecord Avatar
Florence Mecord

Really had the best fun. The scenery was Excellent. The Buggys worked well. Everything was going well today, they are very professional and helpful

Brendan Yin Avatar
Brendan Yin

Lee, Miro, Ian was pleasant. we were given a safety briefing. 2-hour tour was fun expected a bit more off-roading. We had 3 tour guides they were very nice. I would definitely recommend it!!!

David Jeyo Avatar
David Jeyo

Well-run experience. We booked for the 3-hour tour. Ian was very friendly, with great heavy duty. Today's tour is very fun. Thank you so much

Archie Sebastian Avatar
Archie Sebastian

Really excellent, Recommend it on every level. Lee, Miro, and Ian's guide is great! Good fun and Amazing scenery. Thanks all

Jessica Cundliffe Avatar
Jessica Cundliffe

Lee, Miro, Ian were friendly and really fun guides. This was by far the good day out I have had with my wife on holiday. Amazing views, Most of all so much fun roading the buggies. My wife loved it.

Robert Gregory Avatar
Robert Gregory

We had a great 2-hour tour with Marbella Buggys. Their very good equipment, clean, nice and fast buggy's. The beautiful tour in nature. Very very recommend it

Frank Jordan Avatar
Frank Jordan

Awesome service, an amazing time was had by the. My guide was excellent and very friendly. Miro is very helpful and professional. I would go back again for sure! The staff are friendly and professional

Jessica Jorge Avatar
Jessica Jorge

Absolutely good tour and a great day out, we felt safe at all times with the guides. We had an awesome time today. Will be repeating this experience again next time for my family member. Thank you, Marbella Buggys

Patrick Carson Avatar
Patrick Carson

I am having a good time. Good organized, good price, new Buggys. The 2-hour tour was great. Next time I want to do more hours. Thanks, Lee

William Davison Avatar
William Davison

Great customer service. There are a couple of opportunities, enjoy the scenery, and swap drivers so everyone gets a go. Thanks

Genevieve Cota Avatar
Genevieve Cota

It was spectacular and amazing. Through nature, Going up and down, bumping around, it was great fun!! Good experience and lee are very professional. I can do use again, thanks

Tom Buttler Avatar
Tom Buttler

We took a private tour for 2 hours. Lee, Miro, and Ian guide us. We had a tour of fun!! Tour guide Lee, Miro, and Ian really made our day. Highly recommend Marbella Buggys.

Haley Cameron Avatar
Haley Cameron

Absolutely nice scenery, great experience. If you are going to do any excursion while in the Marbella area do this one. Well worth the value for money. Recommend this place

Andrew kayla Avatar
Andrew kayla

A really great experience. I would use it again!! Really fun to cross through the mountains. Really nice, loved it. The sights saw were beautiful. Thanks all guys

Roger Townsend Avatar
Roger Townsend

I have been coming to the area for over 2 years. Lee and Miro were very helpful. I would recommend it,, The Buggys were comfortable. It was good to see the beautiful landscape. Highly recommend

Laura Buckner Avatar
Laura Buckner

Very good service. We had a good time. Lee, Miro and Ian were Profosanal . We stopped at the top of the mountains to see the view. We drove for a very long time so, Fair price. Amazing experience, thanks

Thomas Vance Avatar
Thomas Vance